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Re: Yamaha NS10s

>In a message dated 1/4/99 1:17:26 PM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,
>TRUPOLO@rizzoliusa.com writes:
><< To further assist our friend with his buying decision, does anyone have
> an opinion on powered vs. unpowered monitors?  Many manufacturers are
> now making the same speakers in both versions.  Is using a separate amp
> still the best way to go? >>

Ultimately, this comes down to a matter of convenience and expense.  The
convenience factor is that powered speakers allow you to save the space
and hassle of separate amplification.  The expense factor is because of the
fact that there are a lot of really fine amplifiers out there that are 
better than 
the amplifiers in most powered speakers.  Sonically, it is preferable to 
the shortest possible signal path between amp and speaker.  Given the 
to use the identical amplifier both in an external and internal 
application, the
internally powered speaker should sound better.  Of course, this difference
is going to be rather negligible.

Will any of these factors really make a significant difference to you? 
not.  I think that the decision should be made based on your needs