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RE: Hi!

>> In a message dated 1/30/99 11:58:07 AM, akiom@onepine.com writes:
>> >We are NY experimental kaut rock band called "Electro Putas".
>Marzzz asked:
>> Is "Puta" what I think it is (se habla espanol)?
>On the other hand, it could be the NY pronunciation (or lack thereof) of a
>relatively recent moniker for PCs that's come from the legions of ex-Mac
>users in the workplace, as far as I can figure; they call it a Pooter.  So
>"Electro Putas" could have a link to some reference to this Big
>Pout-and-Sulk Routine, perhaps?  Or, eh, "Poot", hm?

Well, puter has been used as shorthand for computer in europe for many many
years, so it probably just crossed the pond there, along with a mispelling
of "kraut rock". Nice try on the mac bashing, though.


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