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RE: Dumping and Loading EDP samples

I've never did an echoplex dump, but with other samplers the channels of 
both units must be set to the same.  Also, sys ex must be turned on.  
Typically when one unit initiates the transfer the other should see it 
automatically though there are some samplers out there that must be in a 
wait state mode.

Hope this  helps and makes sense.

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It was written by someone:

> >I'm not quite sure about the channel. I have the echoplex set to MIDI
> >channel 1. I have the Akai on system exclusive channel 1. I know the
> >difference between Sysex channel and MIDI channel...
> Maybe the EDP is accepting the dump on any channel, but sending on a
> specific channel. I would have thought that if the EDP was set to channel
> 1, then it would send sysex out channel 1 and that the Akai would receive
> it OK. Maybe you can set the EDP sysex MIDI channel to a different 
> than it's basic MIDI channel, I don't know I'm just guessing all this.

It is my understanding that SysEx data is not channelized - no conecpt
of MIDI channels for SysEx as there is for note and controller data.
So if Sample Dump data is a subset of SysEx then the EDP should accept
a sample dump regardless of it's midi channel setting.  Likewise, when
it sends a Sample Dump it sould be received at the other other without
regards to MIDI channel settings.

If I'm wrong please correct me (but gently).