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Re: EMU Launchpad w/EDP

At 6:07 AM -0800 2/2/99, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>I have a friend who has recently purchased an EMU Launchpad.  He's using 
>to control midi parameters on his Echoplex Digital Pro.
>1) Are their any other users out there with this set-up?  Any "gotcha's" 
>be aware of?

no idea if there are any "gotchas", but from the specs it seems like it
would work great.

>2) Is their anything the regular EDP foot controller does that the
>Midi/Launchpad cannot do?

any functions available on the footpedal can also be done by midi. In fact,
you can do more with midi since you can send continuous controllers for
both loop volume and feedback, and you can trigger loops like a sampler. I
think the launch pad has velocity sensitive pads, which the echoplex can
use for setting loop volume when triggering loops. So that would likely
make a nice controller. Also, there is some unfounded rumor that even more
midi functionality will appear in the future, but my source was killed by a
mysterious accident before he could reveal more info.


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