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Re: *Echovirus* Blindfold OneofaKind remix

On 1/25/99 Rob Switzer echoed:
>        I've finally completed a track based on the Blindfold OneofaKind
>tape Ed
>Chang was kind enough to send me several months ago.  While not exactly a
>remix, I sampled heavily from Ed's tape to create a beat-heavy
>trip-hop/ambient dub track called 'BlindFold DisFunktion'.
>        This track will be included on an upcoming CD by my 
>project *Echovirus* called 'Poison Reverse'.
>        The track is available in CD-quality mp3 downloadable form at
>http://www.mp3.com/evirus -- checkit out, and let me know what you think 
>. . .

I've listened to this track a few times now and want to encourage everyone
to go give this a listen. Very nicely crafted trip-hop/ambient dub. I
suspect that the guitar bursts I hear are samples from Ed Chang? The guitar
saamples fit the piece in a very musical way.

Rob has created a great swirling undercurrent that is deftly mixed. When
the base rests, I'm really intrigued by what is going on underneath. A very
good piece of music. It has my wife dancing in the kitchen as I type this.


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