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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

> My
>>reaction was one of reading an old man lamenting the fact that "these
>>kids today just don't do it the *right* way -- like *we* used to waaaaay
>>back when."  
>Thanks for bringing this interview to our attention. You're right; a lot
of what Macero says is of particular relevance to users of technology.
>My reading of his comments was much like yours re the reminiscences of a
grumpy old man, although I don't really think he meant everything the way
it sounded. Macero describes in fond detail his innovative use of early
technology, then goes on to lambaste the results which essentially evolved
from work that he himself played a major role in pioneering. His comments
regarding "purists" lead me to wonder how his own cutting-edge work was
viewed by the generation which preceeded him, and how (if at all) this
influenced his techniques.
>It's interesting that Macero seems to be saying that technological
innovation was a good thing when it suited his own purposes, but has
developed to a point at which today's musicians can't REALLY be creative
because we're not being forced out of necessity to invent our own recording
techniques the way he and his contemporaries had to. Again, I don't really
know if he meant this the way it sounded...
>I found it unusual that the interviewer chose not to clarify Macero's
obvious misunderstanding of the question regarding the origins of funk!
Also, any reference to Bill Laswell's Miles remix album Panthalassa seemed
conspicuously absent. It would have been interesting to see what Macero
thought of it.
>Again, thanks for the link!