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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

In a message dated 2/3/99 12:02:16 AM !!!First Boot!!!, jlanphe@uswest.com

> Today, we've got it backwards.  We've got umpteen choices, reverb, 
>  sampling, etc. etc.  All you need is a little $$ and voila!, you're a
>  "musician".  But WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?  WHAT do you want to express?
>  you've got that, the choice of "toys" becomes more intelligent, more
>  "environmental-sounding" in the context of what you're doing.  And 
>  that's the HARD part.  Usually, i limit my listening to the "masters"
>  (Tranes,Monks,Dolphys,Hendrixs etc. of the world), but as a result of
>  listening to this list, I've been checking out lots of other stuff.  
>  be my #1 complaint of lots of the "other stuff", it doesn't grab me,
>  it doesn't have that FOCUS.
>  i think his basic slam is on people who buy a box, twiddle a few 
>  something "good" pops out, they go on and use it and become a "big 
>  otherwise the "box" ends up at Sweetwater.com.  i couldn't agree with 
>  input more....
>  The other salient point that he made for me, was that "it all happens
>  live".  In this era of the "bedroom musician", precious little
>  DesertIslandDisc stuff comes out of a single bedroom.  For me, at least,
>  majik of music, comes from that spirited interplay between people.  Its 
>  intensity of communication that creates the FOCUS that we mentioned
>  above...  Technology is a TOOL to enhance the focus and the 
>  which all leads to something that someone else would wanna hear.
>  Thanks fer pointing the article out to me, i enjoyed it....
>  Jim Lanpheer

I have no idea who this Teo guy is but after reading a few comments on this
interview(which i havent read as well) i figured i should throw in my 

I am of the opinion that music=art and art=life so that anything is art
some 'musicians' tend to look upon 'knobtwiddlers' as something below them
because its......easy?!
so i would make a better trumpet player than Miles because i would 
struggle to
get a sound of the thing where as he would ever-so-easily blow away 
that came to mind

i find it beautiful that technology is available to anyone wether they know
what to do with it or not
wether they want to express anything or not
one of the great composers of this century(cage)stressed the purposlesness 
i dont agree with that totally since im of the opinion that everything is
music(including if it has purpose/intention or not)

lastly, even though i put alot of time into physical mastery of whatever
instrument(s)i play i look forward to the day where the physical medium 
not be a middle man
a tough one at that