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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

At 9:37 PM -0500 2/2/99, Kriist@aol.com wrote:
> I have no idea who this Teo guy is but after reading a few comments on 
> interview(which i havent read as well) i figured i should throw in my 

Just so long as you have an informed opinion...

> I am of the opinion that music=art and art=life so that anything is art
> some 'musicians' tend to look upon 'knobtwiddlers' as something below 
> because its......easy?!
> so i would make a better trumpet player than Miles because i would 
>struggle to
> get a sound of the thing where as he would ever-so-easily blow away 
> that came to mind

It's not that the physical act of making music might be hard, it's more 
like: in the act of learning a craft, your relationship to what you're 
learning changes. People hear differently, and think differently, after 
working towards learning composition or an instrument. 

On the "anything is art" front, I contend that intent is _all_ that 
matters. For example, is a urinal art? Not in its native state, perhaps, 
but turned upside down and signed it suddenly acquires meaning beyond its 
mere form.

> i find it beautiful that technology is available to anyone wether they 
> what to do with it or not
> wether they want to express anything or not
> one of the great composers of this century(cage)stressed the 
>purposlesness of
> music
> i dont agree with that totally since im of the opinion that everything is
> music(including if it has purpose/intention or not)

While I have long been saddened that I can't put enough memory in my 
looper to allow me to perform Cage's 4'33", I no longer subscribe to the 
theory that everything is music. I think music can be made out of just 
about anything, but there has to be a musicians or composers intent to 
frame it and impart meaning.

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