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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

In a message dated 2/3/99 4:14:05 AM !!!First Boot!!!, cbm@well.com writes:

> At 9:37 PM -0500 2/2/99, Kriist@aol.com wrote:
>  > I have no idea who this Teo guy is but after reading a few comments 
> this
>  > interview(which i havent read as well) i figured i should throw in my 
> 2cents.
>  Just so long as you have an informed opinion...

that just flows beautifully, i had to laugh out loud  

>  > I am of the opinion that music=art and art=life so that anything is 
>  > some 'musicians' tend to look upon 'knobtwiddlers' as something below
>  > because its......easy?!
>  > so i would make a better trumpet player than Miles because i would 
> struggle to
>  > get a sound of the thing where as he would ever-so-easily blow away 
> anything
>  > that came to mind
>  It's not that the physical act of making music might be hard, it's more
>  in the act of learning a craft, your relationship to what you're 
> changes. People hear differently, and think differently, after working 
> towards learning composition or an instrument. 

this raises the eno question, is music(art)an art or a craft, or both, if 
are they intertwined or completely autonomous
this is preciselly why i go with the life=art thing, it leaves that elbow 

>  On the "anything is art" front, I contend that intent is _all_ that
> For example, is a urinal art? Not in its native state, perhaps, but 
> upside down and signed it suddenly acquires meaning beyond its mere form.

this takes away from the beauty or nature and/or found art(i use these 
in the context of what you use them)
does someone need to give a sunset a name as a composition for me to sit 
and say that its art 

>  > i find it beautiful that technology is available to anyone wether 
> know
>  > what to do with it or not
>  > wether they want to express anything or not
>  > one of the great composers of this century(cage)stressed the
> of
>  > music
>  > i dont agree with that totally since im of the opinion that 
>everything is
>  > music(including if it has purpose/intention or not)
>  While I have long been saddened that I can't put enough memory in my 
> to allow me to perform Cage's 4'33", I no longer subscribe to the theory
> everything is music. I think music can be made out of just about 
> but there has to be a musicians or composers intent to frame it and 
> meaning.

i do agree that some art can be appreciated more effectively if intention 
introduced(as in a shoenberg , a pollack, or a babbit)but does it make a
difference if the artist intened what you got out of a work
i read a duchamp essay where he talked about the artistic coefficient(i 
that was the term)where he said with every work of art there is the 
that is interpreted and the intended which is not interpreted
i think that adds the personal beauty to art


and on a lighter note i just got my LD2 cd today and its good
i have to say that:
electric bird noise, keenan, siobhan, fingerpaint, well, hell all of them
really blew me away
keep up the great work

and again im am gratefull for this medium(mailing list)to communicate with
these artists