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RE: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

> >
> >-- He also makes a somewhat alarmingly high number of 
> >critical comments
> >about the modern electronic movement, and sample-based music in
> >particular, chastising it for lacking musicality and emotion.  My
> >reaction was one of reading an old man lamenting the fact that "these
> >kids today just don't do it the *right* way -- like *we* 
> >used to waaaaay
> >back when."  
> >

The most difficult thing in grasping what Teo is talking about is
exactly who the "They" is when he makes comments.

On the surface you have implied that Teo is referring to the modern
electronic movement, and sample based music, but I could see no clear
reference to this.
Teo was rambling on in some sort of context, and my guess is that it was
a context based upon his personal experiences, to do with the big record
companies like CBS, and being closely involved with the studio world in
one particular section of the industry.

He sounds like he feels as if he is no longer needed, or that he no
longer has a place where he used to.
And I think that is a shame. But it happens, and he also seems to be
carrying on by himself regardless. It doesn't sound like he is giving
up. And why does being eccentric equal being nuts? A bit of respect
please. And how many of us could have any idea what he is talking about.
Not many I bet.

Anyway.. i was interested in hearing about some of his methods and
techniques, like his method of using multiple mixes and treating them
differently and remixing them. I was thinking of something similar the
other day, when I was figuring out what the "enhancer" control on my
Joemeek VC6 did. I was thinking what would happen if you took your
signal, split it through a multiple array of notch band EQ's, tweaked
the signals and remixed them with the original. I don't have enough EQ
power to do this, but it would be cool to try.