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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

Kriist@aol.com writes:
>I have no idea who this Teo guy is but after reading a few comments on 
>interview(which i havent read as well) i figured i should throw in my 
>I am of the opinion that music=art and art=life so that anything is art
>some 'musicians' tend to look upon 'knobtwiddlers' as something below them
>because its......easy?!
>so i would make a better trumpet player than Miles because i would 
>struggle to
>get a sound of the thing where as he would ever-so-easily blow away 
>that came to mind
It's clear that you haven't listened to Miles, he had some pretty clear
limitations on his instrument. It was the way he worked around them that
gave his music its depth, unlike, say, Maynard Ferguson or Wynton Marsalis.

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gasoline. You'd simply take a cassette and put it in
your car, let it run. You'd have to have the proper
type of music. Like you take two sticks, put 'em
together, make fire. You take some notes and rub 'em
together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire."
                                            -Sun Ra