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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

Miles, he had some pretty clear
>limitations on his instrument. It was the way he worked around them that
>gave his music its depth, unlike, say, Maynard Ferguson or Wynton 

      Yes, and the fact that his tone was so incredible and unique. Whether
the harmon mute was used or not, he exploited that smoky blue tone to all
our benefit. As Gil Evans said, "Miles changed the tone of the trumpet." 

    On the subject of looping, I was wondering if anyone who is represented
on LD CD#2 thought that their piece sounded different than the DAT they
originally sent out? Mine was slowed down and is a full step lower than the
original. It seems to crawl along at a snail's pace compared to what I was
used to hearing. If anyone gives a rat's patooter, I'd be happy to mail
them a copy of the proper version free of charge.