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Hating "today's" music (was: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online)

In a message dated 2/2/99 3:50:25 PM, Colin wrote:

>How do we stop ourselves from getting the same attitude as we grow 
I think it's the reviling of the "new" that's a problem, not the lack of
interest in it. And that's probably just a measure of personal bitterness.
I know I used to feel compelled to keep up with what was "going on" (altho
dicso temporarily defeated that resolve!), and no longer do (which is not 
say that I don't like lots of what I hear...I just don't care how much of 
it I
hear, and have no current "heros"), particularly since discovering that my
personal doorway into a truly ever-growing fascination with making music 
to drop ALL efforts to be "with it," and just follow my own ear, which was
certainly formed  a while back. But then, "a while back" for me was the 50s
and 60s, so perhaps I'm generationally incapable of preferring struggle 
myself to self-indulgence.