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sad tale

Hello loopers-
Please indulge this missive as I'm sure anyone who owns the mighty
Echoplex and Vortex will understand my heavy heart. Please also excuse
this almost first time posting from a dedicated wallflower who has learned
a lot from all of you all over the past couple of years.
On Friday, Jan. 29th, my SKB rack unit was stolen from Brownie's in NYC
after my band Antietam played. It contained an Oberheim Echoplex, serial
number EDP001721 and a Lexicon Vortex, no serial number available at this
moment. I post this as a reminder to always watch gear with an eagle eye
even in one's own neighborhood (sadly I took mine off of it for 30
minutes) and also in recognition of the global village we all live in in
case anyone should run across it in the NYC area, or by internet.....  
Now the quest for replacements begins...with a looping gig in less than 4
weeks and an album to finish in the next 6 weeks. Thanks for listening.
Tara Key