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Re: attn: GP-100 users

Hi Dennis!

Dennis wrote:

>I just got a GP and have a question for fellow users. I've got a Jamman 
>in the Fx loop and noticed a peculiar thing which has now become an 
>annoying thing. How the heck can the volume of my guitar affect the 
>volume of my JM once it is playing a loop. 

I had this problem at first, and it is certainly a disturbing thing to
hear, although it CAN be kind of cool in some ways- like a mondo ducking

Try turning off your noise suppressor, and see if it still gives you
problems.  My guess is that you have the NS AFTER the send/return.  Simply
moving the NS to before the send/return ought to fix things.  If you prefer
the NS after the s/r, set the NS input to something OTHER than "guitar".

Hope this helps!