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Re: effects - not loop-related

Lorenz Haeusle wrote:

> hi, all out there
> just took a look at the this site:
> http://members.aol.com/AnalogMike/zvex.htm
> it's about z-vex stomp boxes. has anybody some experience with these
> neat-looking-little things? how do they sound?
> any comments?
> lorenz

        I've got the "Fuzz Factory" really great dial-up
sustain/feedback and just strange noises!! They have have germanium
resistors and have that original Roger Mayer fuzz face sound!! But they
are on the high end of the sound spectrum. My ADA cab emulator takes
care of this.
        I'm interested in the "Seek-Wah". Torn posted awhile back on
"...Delight", that he was happy with it.
                                                    Good luck, James