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Re: effects - not loop-related

>> it's about z-vex stomp boxes. has anybody some experience with these
>> neat-looking-little things? how do they sound?
>> any comments?
>> lorenz
>        I'm interested in the "Seek-Wah". Torn posted awhile back on
>"...Delight", that he was happy with it.
>                                                    Good luck, James

the seek wah is _amazing_.  i've never been a wah kinda guy... but this 
can be a real "set and forget" pedal.  or, you can spend days tweeking 
it.  either way, it's fantastic for adding a little animation to an 
otherwise lifeless tone.  low- medium- and high- gain, it works great!

i'm keeping my eyes open for a good price on any of his other pedals.  
i'm really impressed with this little guy.  it's well built, sounds 
great, and looks cool with all those flashing lights.  only bummer is 
that there's no jack for a power supply, but my original 9 volt is still 
going strong.


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