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Re: Punk Jazz?

OOOOPPS!!  I misunderstood your message, and thought you were looking to
collaborate with experimental jazz musicians.  

As far as CDs, etc., in addition to those already mentioned in others'
messages, I suggest:

Manu Pekar
Ahmad Mansour
Bill Dixon
Christi (Christy?) Doran
Terje Rypdal (anything of his before 1980)
Eberhard Weber (it's mellow, but experimental, and he's my favourite 
          He uses looping on "Pendulum")

At 11:11 PM 2/4/99 EST, Kriist@aol.com wrote:
>im trying to find some artist that are doing out there jazz, preferably on
>really intense/experimental side.
>with or without looping really
>any recommendations?
>thanks in advance

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