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Re: dtorn/E-Bow

Dear Leo,

        I use both an older E-Bow and one of the plastic ones on a 
5-string bass and a Kramer 8-string...  The majour difference between 
using it
on an electric guitar or an acoustic or other instrument is trying to keep 
E-Bow centered above the string or strings that you want to "activate."
Single string instruments are much easier to handle/control/activate than
double strings.
        As for string gauges, the big thing I've found is that the larger 
the easier
it is for them to go out of control, but on the same token, you can get 
really interesting sounds out of the larger gauged strings.  The other 
side is
to remember that the E-Bow activates strings faster the smaller in gauge 
are, but that sometimes it is more difficult to activate the smaller 
unless you have the E-Bow perfectly centered.
        Takes a lot of practice but it sounds interesting.

        Hope this helps,