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Alternatives to Oberheim?

Dear Loopers,

I just can't believe the expensive, nearly-impossible-to-acquire Oberheim
Echoplex is the ONLY thing on the market that allows infinite
loops/layerings.  Is there anything else available, besides the 4-second
pedals (Zoom 508, DOD DFX94)??  

Has anyone ever tried out the Zoom 2100 "32-Second Sample Guitar Effects
Processor"?  I see it in the Musician's Friend catalog for $199.00 list
(their price $149).  It says the following:  "Phrase sampler records up to
32 seconds from CD or tape OR YOUR OWN PHRASES (my emphasis).  You can also
switch between three different 5 second samples to play over. . . "  
Could these "samples" be automatically repeatable (looped)?

What the hell was Lexicon thinking when they discontinued the Jam Man?
I just don't really want to spend the better part of $800 right now simply
because my Digitech RDS 8000 drifts sharp until it's warmed up for 2 hours.
I just found this wonderful LD list service a few days ago, so please
accept my apology if this question has been asked a thousand times.


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