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Re: *Echovirus* Blindfold OneofaKind remix

>Would you say that most of the sonic material is Ed CHang then, and you
>have just manipulated this. 

Yes -- most of the *sonic* material was derived from the original tape.  To
get the bass sound, for instance, I took a wiggly bit of Ed's guitar,
dropped the pitch to about C2, constructed an attack envelope for it,
loaded it into a sampler, and applied a resonant filter.  Then, I used a
MIDI sequence to trigger it, rendered it direct to disk, then pasted it
into the piece using Cool Edit Pro.

I added some sax, and a one-note guitar bit, constructed the primary
groove/drum loop and wrote the bass line.

>I'd love to hear the origianl along side this.
>Any plans for posting it at mp3.com or elsewhere.

At 30 minutes, the original is too big for mp3 distribution via either
mp3.com, or my ftp site -- I will, however, send a copy of both 'BlindFold
DisFunktion', and the original piece to anyone willing to send me either an
SASE or CD/DAT/cassette of some original music.  

If anyone wants to re-remix either/both, that's cool, too -- email me
privately for my address, etc.