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I have the following for sale:

Boss octave pedal (oc-2)w/AC adapter $50 
Boss bass chorus (ce-2b)w/AC adapter $50
Boss bass flanger (bf-2b)w/AC adapter $50
Boss digital delay/reverb (rv-3) $85
Boomerang sampler $275 
Dunlop bass wah-wah pedal $40
Zoom bass 506 w/expression pedal $65
Dunlop volumn pedal (free with purchase...one available)

Also, for Chapman Stick:
Roland GK-2A MIDI pick-up with GR-30 $575

All "OBO" will be considered...actually encouraged more than just 
considered! Please respond via private e-mail. Thanks!

Joshua D. Pickenpaugh
Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.
Bassist, Composer, Teacher

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