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Vortex/Lexicon Pedals

Hey all- I have been playing with my new Vortex for hours and had a
question or two-
1) I seem to get a bit of noise/hiss even running direct to the unit- I
have mainly been using the "Deja Vu" B patch though- anyone else have
this? Anyone else not have this? how is yours set up? Mine right now is
as follows:
Guitar to resistance mixer (splits signal)/one signal to Vortex, the
other to effects board and amp- both signals end in 4 track- I get one
clean Vortex and one non-Vortex signal.
2) The one I have only came with a cheap mono foot pedal- are the
original stereo pedals still avail? How much? Can you use other pedals
I would like to be able to switch from bank A to B to use the morphing
capabilities on the fly- etc.
3) I can hear certain effects running when there is no input- kind of
like a flanger or phaser where you can hear it with no signal- (or maybe
there IS a small signal comprised of hiss...shit, I don't know! :-p )
Anyone else get this?

Thanks to all who passed on suggestions for my Value dial problem on my
Vortex- they were VERY much appreciated-  I tried cleaning the pot with
a little bit of brake cleaner (evaporates completely) but had no
success- one thing I noticed is it seems to work perfect the first few
seconds the unit is on- it works but it is frustrating because it may
take 20 turns to change the value  5 or 10 points. I am still hoping the
person I bought it from will be cool and exchange it back- I wouldn't be
worried but it sometimes pops into Value mode on its own and flickers a
point or two and in some cases it creates an audible difference-
Not a desireable effect!

I was pleased to get a ring modulator effect- I felt just like John
McLaughlin! (ahem, not) ;)

Thanks all-


PS- I see some of us awaiting new EDPs are getting them- I'm next,
right? ;)