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Re: Vortex/Lexicon Pedals

At 10:12 PM -0800 2/9/99, Clifford Novey wrote:

>Thanks to all who passed on suggestions for my Value dial problem on my
>Vortex- they were VERY much appreciated-  I tried cleaning the pot with
>a little bit of brake cleaner (evaporates completely) but had no
>success- one thing I noticed is it seems to work perfect the first few
>seconds the unit is on- it works but it is frustrating because it may
>take 20 turns to change the value  5 or 10 points. I am still hoping the
>person I bought it from will be cool and exchange it back- I wouldn't be
>worried but it sometimes pops into Value mode on its own and flickers a
>point or two and in some cases it creates an audible difference-
>Not a desireable effect!

before you send it back, make sure to contact Greg Hogan
<GHogan@lexicon.com>, customer service guy at lexicon, and ask if they can
fix it for you. Greg's been real helpful to people here in the past. I met
Greg in the flesh at NAMM and chatted for a while, great guy....


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