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live gigs Thur & Fri in San Antonio/with webcast preview "Punk Jazz"?

Hello once again,

thought i might mention that I'll be playing Stick live on Thursday 2/11/99
at The Reverb Lounge 
San Antonio 1033 Ave B. 210-223-5160 with the "Punk Jazz" combo DADDY
MONKEY,,,i was told there will be at
least a 4 piece horn section there that evening. i expect we'll start at
11:00-11:30 ..The experimental trio of CREVICE will also play that evening.
not sure about cover?? fellow listmember James Sidlo will be playin with
both bands,,,a dedicated string picker indeed...He will offer no less with
his prescence at the following gig as well...see below

will also be playing Taco Land Friday 2/12/99 (with THEOREM 5) 103 W.
Grayson 210-223-8406 
another fine Local Band ,THE SWINDELS will be playing as well. $3.00 cover 

I will we plugin both gigs on the radio Thurs 9:00pm CST on KSYM 90.1 FM 
well as playing
some Theorem 5 tunes while im there. 
this can be heard on the web at    http://www.accd.edu/sac/rtf/ksym.htm

thanks for checkin this out
have a great day