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Slaves ....er Volunteers Needed

Slaves needed to help with all phases of program  development and
implementation at Looper's Delight Web site, a wholly owned, unprofitable
small business, based in cyberspace. Slaves can range in ages >from 9  to
80, but prefer 18-35 with a hot, sexy body. Be homemakers, artists,
retirees, students, professionals, and even loopers. Everyone is  welcome
to participate on most projects.

Slaves needed with the ability to work independently  to mold their won
experiences in completing projects. Many of these projects are  first time
projects and volunteers must be willing to be pioneers; flexible,  self
motivated, committed, open minded, resourceful and having a sense of humor
are important qualities of volunteers on these projects. Good spelling and
grammar skills are clearly not required, but you will be empowered! That
sense of humor will definitely come in handy though, as you constantly hear
new age business euphimisms used to describe your menial work.

Our services have consistently high ratings for client satisfaction, except
for the people who can't figure out how to unsubscribe from the mailing
list. One way  Looper's Delight has  achieved this is by listening to our
clients and acting when they have a need. Or not acting when they have a
need. Depends on our mood that day.  Thats where volunteers  come in. As a
volunteer, youll

-Provide office support, back rubs, etc.
-Write lots of cgi and/or java scripts to do lame things at my whim
-Clean my house
-Play games and look at porno on the web when I'm not around
-Code html in a dark room all day
-Do my laundry
-Transfer incoming emails, mostly to the trash
-Clean up after my pets
-Rip off stuff from other web sites
-Know how to handle various and unusual events (this is my favorite, but
what does it mean?)
-Most importantly, work with Looper's Delight representative to develop
improvements/changes in programs, which we may or may not do anything with.
-Computer skills are helpful if you have them, but not required if are
18-35 with a hot, sexy body

      inflexible time commitment, you'll be locked up here for a while.

Slave services with Looper's Delight is a good way to  gain work experience
while going good. However, it's an excellent way to gain experience while
going bad, or a great historical lesson in the lives and times of medieval
serfs.  This experience may also be used for  internships.


Kim Flint                   | Looper's Delight
kflint@annihilist.com       | http://www.annihilist.com/loop/loop.html
http://www.annihilist.com/  | Loopers-Delight-request@annihilist.com