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To all,

I just viewed the film that is "Modulations" at the Wexner Center here in
Columbus, Ohio. I must say that i thoroughly enjoyed this film. I do wish 
had more on guys like Cage and Stockhausen, and Henry. And a little less of
the techno music that was included, although it seemed to me that every 
there was a Japanese performer in there, it was more interesting what they
were doing in techno music (or dance music).
I'm going back today...7:00 PM Saturday to enjoy it again, since it will
only be around for so long.
Perhaps they (the producers) will make this filmatic event into a home
video. That would be great. Then i could watch it in a more personal
environment (which means that i can get more out of it).
Anyway, I would like to say to those who began speaking about this film on
this list...THANK YOU!!!  You've helped me by bringing a little more
happiness into my life.

Jeff Collins

A Strange View of Music: