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Thanks for all the replies folks.  Here goes .....

>try Acid from SOnic Foundry. It allows you to automatically allign 
>with different BPMs. But not only...what's this DDClip?

ACID looks like just what I need.  You can find DDClip at the Shareware 
Music Machine.  Thanks to them I now have about twenty different audio 
programs on my machine. 


>> gives four stereo tracks of ausio and allows me to sequence WAV  
>                              ^^^^^Is that audio made by an Aussie?

Yes, here in Australia CD's play anti-clockwise and I have to invert the 
waveforms of any samples that I download from the northern hemisphere 
before they will play in my upside-down speakers.


If I was going to use a tracker I would use Buzz.  The last time I used 
a tracker was back in high-school when I didn't have a life and could 
find the time to learn to use such things.

Evil Paul

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