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RE: New loop-based software in development

It's time somebody would have done that.  I wish you much success, and I'll
surely be among your first customers.

>Hi there
>I am primarily a musician, using my computer as a sampler to knock out
>tunes. I am starting a new software project, which will allow the user to
>produce *live* music, by looping existing sounds, and recording new ones 
>the fly.
>This will be done by accessing all the program features via a MIDI 
>menu system. This way, you can play in tunes, sample external sources and
>effects on your loops without ever having to touch a mouse or keyboard
>(something I think can get in the way of making music). So for example,
>bottom C on your keyboard would activate your menus on screen (and also
>activate the menu keys on your keyboard), there would be basic keys to
>start, stop and record MIDI data from the keyboard, and you could use your
>pitch bend wheel (or any controller available to you) to change envelopes,
>filters, reverb etc. Basically, everything is done from your keyboard for
>simplicity, with visual representation of what you are doing on screen.
>I would very much appreciate your comments, and any ideas you may have. I
>plan to continue this project into my university course at doc.ic.ac.uk.
>Tell me what you think! :-)