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Vortex delight

Hello all-

I am getting into working with my new Vortex and you definitely have to
have all the foot controllers to use it's full potetial-
I have my keyboard/DR 5 running stereo through it and my guitar running
through it stereo as well-both to my stereo system and a dry line going
to my guitar amp- I love making little loops with either (keyboard or
guitar) and jamming is a blast- It is making my mouth water at the
thought of getting my EDP. I love using the Leslie like sounds and the
a/b switch to speed it up or slow it down- I really am just getting
started with this thing though-
I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of pedal works in the port
that controls the Value? I tried my volume pedal but that obviously did
not work- duh-
What kind does it use/ are you all using and are they expensive?