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EDP newbie question.


I received my new EDP late last week, and am really enjoying myself.
Last night was my first available night to do extended work with it, and
I encountered one bothersome thing, and I'm not sure if that's the
nature of the beast or a problem with my unit...

I create myself a nice loop, am pretty satisfied with it, and let it run
for awhile...  The problem is that the audio output of the loop slowly
diminishes, as if the memory of the loop in the unit slowly evaporates,
or leaks out.  So,  if I create a loop and let it run without adding to
it, over the course of 5-10 minutes, all audible traces of the loop have
vanished, leaving me with amplifier hiss, only.

I'll have to admit, sometimes this would be nice to have some user-input
in....  A little feature to have the loop slowly die away or perhaps
increase in intensity, or remain the same.  Having the loop slowly fade
is peaceful-sounding, but may NOT be what i WANT!

My setup (for now) is pretty simple and I think has no effect on the
above problem, but I include it to lay out the full range of possible

Various Saxes, Tabla, Yamaha WX7 Wind-Controller,Wavestation A/D, Yamaha
VL1-m.  All MIDI sound modules driven thru a Sondius MIDI A/B Switcher.
All modules go directly to the mixer:  Mackie VLZ-1402
directly into:
Lexicon MPX100, and then EDP and then to amp (no AUX SEND back to mixer,
at the moment)

I'd really appreciate anyone's feedback on this, other than that, I love
the thing!  I respect the opinions of those on this list...

Jim Lanpheer