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Re: EDP newbie question.

James Lanpheer wrote:
> I encountered one bothersome thing, and I'm not sure if that's the
> nature of the beast or a problem with my unit...
> I create myself a nice loop, am pretty satisfied with it, and let it run
> for awhile...  The problem is that the audio output of the loop slowly
> diminishes, as if the memory of the loop in the unit slowly evaporates,
> or leaks out.

Hi, James!  I'd check the "FEEDBACK" knob and make sure it is fully 
clockwise.  Are you using 
a footpedal for feedback control?  Sometimes I set feedback at less than 
100% to do an 
automated fade-out kind of thing.  Sometimes I forget to set it back 
afterwards.  Sometimes 
I'm embarassed during my next song when my loop unexpectedly decays.  
Fortunately, I learn 
quickly. :)

So you play tabla?  It's my latest mania.  How do you use tabla in your 

- Dennis Leas