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Re[4]: So where are we?

>>jimi hendrix . . . flying v. it was done. also some pix with a les paul??

At least Burger King hasn't used his stuff yet...

> oh that's right, we even had that flying v poster hanging in the 
> area at g-wiz. I recall people making a lot of jokes about it.... Dead
> guys can endorse anything, eh?

I wonder what toothpaste Jimi used? Does anyone really know?

> i know, it was a stretch but i lonely . . . and of course there are the 
> Stevie ray vaughn and jaco pastorius "signature models" (or whatever 
>they are)
> at fender . . . 

Stevie and Jaco were frequently seen chowing down at Taco Bell! Those guy 
whalers, eh? But they got the big harpoon!

Speaking of "Sig" models... The Klein model numbers for their 2 different 
have prefixes of "DT" and "BF". Can anyone guess who's initials those are? 
both loop... Coincidence?..

I lonely too Stig...
So I ordered EDP!!!