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Gibson address / Feedback problem

Hi everybody,

I'd like to give a reply to James Lanpheer's feedback problem :

If it's NOT that you didn't crank the feedback knob all up or forgot to
leave the "overdub" mode
the reason may be a  bad pot .
I know another three guys with the same problem
This could be fixed by either exchanging the pot or adding a capacitor on
the pot
( I can't tell you the right value but I think a good technician will )
Actually, if you got a brandnew one you should return it and get it
repaired on guarantee, because normally,
with feedback all up your loop should repeat endlessly !

By the way, did you Digitech RDS owners know that you can get get a bit
more delay time out of your
Time Machine by adjusting an internal trim pot ?
I got my RDS 7.6 ( which I don't have anymore ) " tuned " to 9 secs and a
friend of mine his even to 12 !!
The bad thing is that by turning the delay time up you will cut down the
frequency range
You'll have to find out a balance which is okay for you.

If anyone wants to know how to do the trick please, let me know
If that's an old fart for you please, forgive me because I'm new on the

Mike Biffle wanted to know a Gibson address :

What I know is the address of Mr. Keith Paul, the General Manager of
Oberheim as on his business card
( this information is one year old, I met him last year on the " Musik
Messe " trade show in Frankfurt, Germany)

1818 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37210 USA
615-871-4500 EXT 494 - 404-485-4060 FAX

Hey Kim,

anything new about the EDP being  " CE-fied " ?
We poor guys in Europe have still the problem that new  EDPs can't get
imported until they got this f...ing
CE button on them
Anybody selling a used one ? ( okay okay, just kidding... )

Someone asked me ( I think it was Chuck ) if I liked the Paradis Loop Delay

Yes, I like it !
As you might know, it's the predecessor pf the EDP
It works well and sounds well
It doesn't have many of the MIDI functions the EDP has, it features just
one loop instead of nine,
six jacks for six switches ( yuck ! )instead of one jack and one footpedal,
no reverse and so on...
But there are two advantages :
a) it has a  "direct out" jack, what I think is helpful when you want to
combine two loopers without using a mixer
b) the loop/delay time  can be altered via MIDI controller or a voltage
pedal connected to the sync jack

And again, I say that IMHO the EDP still lacks a) another possibility to
define the loop/delay time than with
           the RECORD button

       b) pedal control for the loop/delay time

       c) modulation with different waveforms

       d) DIRECT OUT and EFFECT ONLY OUTS (minor important)

So long