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Re: Howdy and whatnot

Hi Leo:

>welcome... and great job!


>what does it mean that you use "commercial sample loops"?
>Did you create only the didgeridoo parts? Is it right?

On "Whole Earth Didgeridoo" everything but didge is commercial sample 
yes.  On "Didgeridoo USA" there's also quite a bit of normally performed
material in addition to the many commercial loops.  In the case of "Whole
Earth" even the didge parts relied on looping to an extreme degree.  All 
Australia recording was quick field recordings onto a portable DAT.  There
were lots of mistakes and never any click track or other timing reference.
To create those final pieces with steady tempo and tight timing I had to do
extensive digital fixing of mistakes and extensive clipping out good riffs
and time stretching them to fit a tempo.  In some cases the rhythmic feel
ended up totally different from the original performances.  An incredible
concept and tremendously time consuming, but it worked.  Quite a few people
regard "Whole Earth" as the best or at least one of the best didge albums
ever recorded.  I may be a bit biased, but I tend to agree.  I recorded 
totally unbelievable players and then went all out (over a period of over 2
years) on the production.

>Any samples on line?

Not on my site.  However www.bigfishaudio.com has samples of my samples as
well as lots of their other sample libraries.