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Re: I'm the $700 a**hole


>>So I sold a Jamman for $700...
>that doesn't make you an asshole, parting fools from their money is a fine
>tradition. feel proud.

I heard about this $700 ebay JamMan deal before I even got onto this list.
I'm glad that that's not a normal common price for a JamMan.  I want a
second JamMan because I want to use a single pedal to control record on and
off for 2 units, not for stereo sampling, but for allowing overdubbing
without the first take getting too buried after a while.  It's often nice 
start with a basic drum riff to build on top off, but you sure don't want
that drum riff getting too far back in the mix after a while.  I figure
controlling 2 JamMans (Men?) simultaneously would allow me to use one for
the percussion bed and a second one to layer other stuff onto.  Then you
could simply adjust the levels of the 2 units as you're building your 
Is there anybody out there with experience with JamMan & Echoplex both?
>From my study of the Echoplex manual it appears that it should be possible
to control record on and off on an Echoplex and a JamMan with the same
pedal.  It would be quite easy to parallel wire a second cable out from a
simple switch type pedal.  The loops should easily stay in sync for at 
half an hour or so.  Phase coherence is not an issue in this case.  Ideas?
Anyone with actual relevant experience?  Also, what would be a reasonable
and realistic price to pay for a JamMan nowadays?  I don't need the memory
upgrade as I have several obsolete and mostly non-functional Amigas with 
chips I can cannibalize.  In case I can't find a JamMan, what is a 
used Echoplex price?  I can also rob old Amigas of Simms for memory upgrade
for that.
Thanks for any help.