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Re: I'm the $700 a**hole

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From: Peter Spoecker <spoecker@didgeridoings.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 5:13 AM
Subject: Re: I'm the $700 a**hole

>>>So I sold a Jamman for $700..

>>.I sold my Jamman last year for $500 to get the bread to buy the EDP and 
was plaeased as punch.

>>that doesn't make you an asshole, parting fools from their money is a 
>>tradition. feel proud.
>I heard about this $700 ebay JamMan deal before I even got onto this list.
>I'm glad that that's not a normal common price for a JamMan.  I want a
>second JamMan because I want to use a single pedal to control record on 
>off for 2 units, not for stereo sampling, but for allowing overdubbing
>without the first take getting too buried after a while.  It's often nice
>start with a basic drum riff to build on top off, but you sure don't want
>that drum riff getting too far back in the mix after a while.  I figure
>controlling 2 JamMans (Men?) simultaneously would allow me to use one for
>the percussion bed and a second one to layer other stuff onto.  Then you
>could simply adjust the levels of the 2 units as you're building your
>Is there anybody out there with experience with JamMan & Echoplex both?
>>From my study of the Echoplex manual it appears that it should be 
>to control record on and off on an Echoplex and a JamMan with the same
>pedal.  It would be quite easy to parallel wire a second cable out from a
>simple switch type pedal.  The loops should easily stay in sync for at
>half an hour or so.  Phase coherence is not an issue in this case.  Ideas?
>Anyone with actual relevant experience?  Also, what would be a reasonable
>and realistic price to pay for a JamMan nowadays?  I don't need the memory
>upgrade as I have several obsolete and mostly non-functional Amigas with
>chips I can cannibalize.  In case I can't find a JamMan, what is a
>used Echoplex price?  I can also rob old Amigas of Simms for memory 
>for that.
>Thanks for any help.