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Zoom SampleTrak ST-224

I just spied the new Zoom SampleTrak in Sound-on-Sound today. It looks like
a Yamaha SU-10 on steroids, or an atrophied ASR-X. It seems like they'll
sell for something like $300.

Any body check these out?? It seems like a better tool than an SP-202.

A brief description ...

** Sample time 60 sec. @ 32KHz up to 4 min. @ 8 Khz

** Maximum simultaneous sample - 8 mono or 4 stereo

** Tempo range 40-250 BPM

** Sophisticated Resampler function lets you resample
any phrase again in the digital domain with effects

** Intelligent Autosync feature lets you match the
tempos of different samples without changing pitch
up to +/- 30 BPM

** 22 Zoom effects including Extreme EQ, Time Stretch,
Lo-Fi, Scratch, Step Cry (Sample And Hold) and more

** 8 Song, 5,000 Note On-Board Sequencer

** 32 samples stored in memory with 24 available from
8 buttons chosen from 3 banks

** Easy Sample Editing with trim and split pad assign
(also pad assign with apply "major scale" function

** Play List lets you record up to eight songs and
assign them to any of the pads for real-time playback

** Real Time control for creative live performances

** MIDI-In capability and limited SysEx control

** 4 Mb Flash Memory/Data Card expandability.