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Re: idea/new feature

well, you already pay similar royalties on practically everything else in a
PC. scsi, ethernet, mpeg, most of the core logic, processor busses, etc,
etc, etc. Everything is patented, everything has a charge somewhere. I
thought it was really funny the way people went into a tizzy over the idea
of paying a royalty for 1394/firewire IP as well. I guess people don't mind
paying for IP if they don't know they're paying for it. Sure makes them
look dumb from my perspective....


At 8:46 AM -0800 2/19/99, Matt Peterson wrote:
>Built-in on Macs and Sonys today.
>Now if only Apple doesn't kill it by mandating that $1/port licensing
>2/19/99 2:49 AM   Kim Flint (kflint@annihilist.com) wrote:
>>(Or maybe firewire will finally arrive, that would be even better.)

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