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Re: Digitech PMC 10 software [non-loop content]

I've got a feeling you already know the answer - there will not be a Mac
version.  But if you have access to a Windows machine and wanted to check
out the app with your PMC 10 data, you could do a MIDI Data Dump to your
Mac as long as you save the dump as raw sysex without any Mac file header
stuff.  The app reads and stores PMC 10 dumps to file as raw sysex.  A raw
sysex file for the PMC 10 should have F0 for the first byte and F7 as the
last byte (as viewed in a hex file view utility).


At 11:16 PM 2/21/99 EST, Fmplautus@aol.com wrote:
>I know this is sounding really, greedy, but could you do a MAC version? ;)