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Re: Gibson address / Feedback problem


> At 4:29 PM -0800 2/18/99, Leander REININGHAUS wrote:
> >By the way, did you Digitech RDS owners know that
you can get get a bit
> >more delay time out of your
> >Time Machine by adjusting an internal trim pot ?
> >I got my RDS 7.6 ( which I don't have anymore ) "
tuned " to 9 secs and a
> >friend of mine his even to 12 !!

I actually did this mod to both of my old RDS
7.6'ers. The tech who did the mod for me informed me
that tweaking those trim pots actually f*cked with
the bais of the machine. I did it not to get more
delay time, but to get godzilla runaway feedback. The
end result was that I also got about 10 sec. of delay
out of one and 9 out of the other. The repeats
disintegrate pretty severely after about 6 or 8
repeats, but that can be a cool thing in and of itself.

The only reason I sold 1 of my 7.6'ers was the pitch
drift was driving me nutty and to fund a Jamman. The
other sits in my recording rack as a more or less
standard delay.


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