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Great music from Crevice

I just did a CD exchange with listmate James Sidlo, and the CD 
he sent me by his band Crevice is great -- things start out well within
the standard looping vocabulary -- Fripp, Torn, etc. --
but, just when you think you know where things are going, the
going gets wierd!  

Crevice is a six piece band playing looped music/sampledelia live in real
Delightful, and highly recommended.

http://www.stic.net/users/jameshsidlo, http://www.unclebuzz.com.

BTW, I'm offering the newest *echovirus* single 'BlindFold DisFunktion',
along with the original Ed Chang improv from which it was derived in
a special limited CD-R edition of 25.

Each CD-R is individually burned and thoroughly tested, packaged in 
artwork, signed, and numbered.  

To get a copy, send me your original music!  CD, CD-R, DAT, cassette, LP; 
matters not.  Or, if you don't have a trade, I'll send it anywhere for

I'm also interested in additional remix collaborations -- right now, I'm
acoustic free improv and/or lofi electronics, but will consider anything.

Email me privately for details.
New by *echovirus* 'BlindFold DisFunktion'
now playing at mp3.com http://www.mp3.com/evirus