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RE: RDS mod / Alto's address

Hi everybody,

 - Rev. Doubt-Goat wrote: "...tweaking this pot means f*cking with the bias
of the machine..."

That's right, this is what I meant by saying the frequency range would
You can turn up the pot to the point when the sound gets  " crackling "
..., and that's different on every machine.
The feedback can be altered to the point when you get feedback-windup ( 
like on old analog machines )
by weldering a capacitor on the fb-pot. I don't remember the right value of
the capacitor and if you have to put 
it in serial or parallel. I'm no tech at all, so please, don't sew me for
my humble opinion.
I'd say, you have to do whatever has to be done to stretch the pots range
on the upper end...

 - Patrick wrote Alto's address and his EDP's price...

Thanks for the information !
Alto's price is really unbeaten !
I'd like to know if  that price includes the footpedal or not ( because I
don't need another one ) and if I could  order it without?

 - Hey Kim, 

please, would you tell me anything necessary for ordering the EDP's
software update ?
Thanx in advance !

So long,