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RE: what were those pedals?


Well, as for the last one, I think your we're looking for the new Akai E1
Headrush Tap Delay/Tape Echo Simulator/Looping Recorder. It's a 16-bit
digital delay with up to 28 sec. For more information, checkout ...


I think Musician's Friend is selling them for $199.00, but I don't know if
they actually have them in stock.

Don't forget that you can always search the archives from the Looper's
Delight web page for what was previously discussed about this pedal as 


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there was some talk a bit ago about these korg(?) pedals
i think they was something8000
there were 2 of them
one did mostly time based stuff
the other filter stuff
what were they called
oh, and what was that new stomp box looper
something head



oh, i know ive said his before but is anyone selling a grand stick?