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Great Show At The Knitting Factory!

I got to catch a great show last night at the Knitting Factory in NYC 
as "Punk-FunK Harmodelic". The billed line-up was Jamaaladeen Tacuma(b),
Marc Ribot(g) & Calvin Weston(d), but when they got onstage, a keyboard
player (???) and two sax players joined them, one of whom was John Zorn and
the other I didn't recognize. He looked like Dennis Rodman playing the 

It was a great show from some spontaneous playing outside playing by Zorn 
Jamal and Calvin laying down some funky grooves.

Jamal is a great player and has his own style when it comes to tearing up
the bass. He mixes his classic chromatic runs with large interval leaps on
the neck. He is still considered one of the greatest bass players in my
book, although many seemed to have forgotten about him. One CD by Jamal to
check out is his DIW release called "Dreamscape".

They will be playing at the Knitting Factory again on April 2nd.