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Re: Custom Echoplex switching pedals...any interest?

I haven't tried that one.  Does it have LED's?  My experience is that the
boxes w/ LED's won't work w/ the Echoplexi.   Has anyone successfully used
a switcher w/ LED's?

Having LED's and one-button switching (for A/B/C) is my motivation for
having a new one made.

- Chris

>have you tried Whirlwind A/B box?
>as of A/B/C i use [for different purposes than yours] 2 A/B
>A goes out to A
>B/B is your B
>B/A is C
>>From: Chris Chovit <cho@newdream.net>
>>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>>Subject: Custom Echoplex switching pedals...any interest?
>>Date: Sat, Mar 20, 1999, 2:44 PM
>> Fellow loopers,
>> I am currently working with a pedal-builder to come up with A/B and 
>> boxes, to switch the Echoplex DP footpedal between multiple echoplexi.
>> Here is the problem I have with the A/B boxes currently available:
>> 1. DOD-style boxes work adequately (if you lift the ground to the 
>> lead of the unselected output), but do not have LED's to show you which
>> output is selected.  This is a pain when I forget which unit is 
>selected --
>> I usually hit the MUTE button to determine this, but this is not very
>> condusive to performance situations.
>> 2.  Morley-style boxes (w/ LED's) do not work.  At least this has been 
>> experience. (Has anyone else been able to use these?)  My (limited)
>> understanding about this is that in order to use LED's in the circuit, 
>> must ground out the postive lead of the unselected output.  Since this 
>> equivalent to hitting the RECORD button, This will screw up any loops 
>> are going on in that 'plex.
>> One solution that has been suggested is to use the switches that have a
>> mechanical indicator (red button) rather than an LED.  This is 
>certainly a
>> feasible, low cost solution, as these switches are apparently ~$25.
>> Another solution is to use relays, instead of just switches.  This is a
>> more expensive solution, and requires power, but has the advantage of
>> having easy-to-see (esp. in the dark) LED's.  Personally, I would like 
>> use different color LED's so make it really easy to determine which 
>unit is
>> selected.
>> The design for the A/B pedal is complete, and the purchase price is 
>> Is anyone out there interested in such a pedal?
>> The design for an A/B/C pedal is currently in the works.  This pedal 
>> use a "latching" circuit.  In this setup, there will be 3 switches, one 
>> each output.  By hitting one switch, you will select that output, and
>> automatically deselect the others, thereby allowing "one button 
>> between three outputs.    For those of you using three (or more) 
>> you are probably aware of the "less-than-ideal" setup of using two A/B
>> boxes to select between three units.  Often, two button presses are
>> necessary to switch, and there still exists the confusion of which unit 
>> actually selected (since the LED pedals don't work).  This latching 
>> will allow direct access to each unit, and have LED's to show which 
>unit is
>> selected.
>> I do not yet know what such a pedal will cost, but I imagine it will be 
>> the $100 - $150 range.  This is expensive for just a switching pedal, 
>> it would be worth it to me.  Is there anybody else out there that might 
>> interested in such a pedal.
>> Also, I have not explored this possibility, but I imagine it would be
>> possible to create A/B/C/D, A/B/C/D/E, (etc.) pedals with the same type 
>> latching circuit, to provide one-button switching.  I don't imagine 
>> are too many people using that many exhoplexi, but it is easy to see 
>> the more units you are using, the more useful such a switching pedal 
>> be.  Using 4 A/B boxes to contol 5 echoplexi seems impractical to me, 
>> for live situations.
>> If anyone is interested in something like this, please let me know, as I
>> can probably get them for better prices if I order a bunch.
>> - Chris