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If this list is going to become clogged with D.A.R.E. recruits (who 
to get tax dollars for far-reaching, forward-thinking acts like persuading
Ralph's Supermarkets not to carry INCENSE when D.A.R.E. does a promotion,
and telling your children in school how many beers their parents shouldn't
be drinking), count me out.

If we can return to a discussion about something musical without retracting
into THIS area of severe disinformation, I'll stay.  Whatever anyone has to
say about drugs' good or bad influences, such will always be a
singular-perspective issue, in which only the individual has his or her
personal experience to go by.  This can never have more than fleeting
relevance to the same on the part of others, and it is one of the least
understood reasons why one can't use generalizations on the subject, or its

In short, I pay greater attention to the lumber in my own eye, before
pointing out the splinters in everyone elses'.

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