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Re: Loopers Delight CD - Volume 3

On 6/19/99 Lee fletcher said:

>Fellow Loopers,
>Since joining this list a few months ago I have never seen any mention
>of the 3rd Loopers Delight CD project. The Project Info Page gives April
>1998 as the deadline, and I have drawn a blank with the Mailing List
>Is this project still alive? Any info would be most appreciated.
>I recently purchased Volume Two which makes for great listening. I'm not
>normally one for compilations, however this is not a 'normal'
>compilation! Great to hear loops with so many accents.
>Lee Fletcher

hi lee,

I think LD #3 is stuck in a feedback loop somewhere...too bad. I love #2
and even #1 for that matter. The first project never made it out to the
public atlarge. These group processes can get real boged down in so many
places. Currently 28 members of this list have ben circulating 4 cassettes
whih are now being burnd to CD. I do not think this will be available to
the larger looping public however. Stick around though and visit the
various web sites. There are some great musicians on this list.