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RE: Things are quiet 'round here

> That's basically the set-up I use when simulating Alan Lucier's "I Am
> Sitting in a Room".

I'd love to listen to that sometime.  probably a stupid question, but do 
know if it's ever been released on CD?

> I put the EDP into delay mode and feed the output back to the
> input (set the EDP feedback at zero).

I do that with my JamMan, but without a digital feedback control it 
a lot of fiddling with the input level knob!  I've been thinking of fitting
a "fine tune volume" control (probably on my feedback volume control).

> I think the technique has ALOT of potential.  Unfortunately, the
> configuration is so different than what I typically use that it's
> hard to fit it in with my normal performance stuff.  One of these
> days...

I'm in the middle of a BIG rig update; out go the pedals, in come the big
digital kit!  I could go with a floormount system (ie a GT5 feeding my JM
and feedback pedal) or a rackmount (in which case feedback volume would be
controlled by a Lex MPX-100 via a MIDI pedal).  The only problem with the
rackmount is that my looper system requires an open-closed gate pedal 
now, a distortion pedal with the volume turned off); the only way I can
think to replicate this is by feeding the looper from the "left" rack
output, the amp from the "right" and see if the left O/P can be switched
on/off by MIDI (a bit like a pan control, but not affecting the right 
With the rackmount, the MPX in the loop would be ripe for serious loop
lunacy.  Of the other hand, the GT5 is easier - and a LOT cheaper.


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