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Re: Things are quiet 'round here

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From: Michael P. Hughes, PhD <M.Hughes@surrey.ac.uk>
To: Dennis W. Leas <dennis@mdbs.com>; Loopers-Delight
Date: Tuesday, July 13, 1999 11:26 AM
Subject: RE: Things are quiet 'round here
. . .
>I'd love to listen to that sometime.  probably a stupid question, but do
>know if it's ever been released on CD?

I found it at:
http://www.cdemusic.org/cgi-bin/cde_search.pl?keywords=aluciercds  It's a
good recording.  I tortured my friends with it for several weeks. :)

>I'm in the middle of a BIG rig update; out go the pedals, in come the

So, ya' gonna' post a diagram of your rig when ya' finish it?  Hm?  Hm?

Dennis Leas